Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Portable)
PC game | Publisher: Capcom | English | 105 MB
Genre: 2D Fighting  

The most robust entry in the prequel entry of Capcom's fighting franchise, Street Fighter Alpha 3, includes an unprecedented 25 characters and offers players the choice of three "isms" fighting styles.

Game Features

* Big character roster
* A World Tour mode
* Three "ism"s for each character (Y-ism, A-ism and X-ism)
* 3 unlockable characters (Guile, Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma)


1.) Run "Street Fighter Alpha 3.exe"
2.) Type "OK" to continue

* Player 1 Keys

So if you're playing by yourself, all you need to worry about is pressing "5" to insert coins and then pressing "1" to start the game.


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