VeriFace is a facial recognition software which can do:
- Windows Login
- Leaving a video message
- Login log review
- File encryption/decryption

Hardware requirements:
- Ideapad S9e/S10e HDD system
- Highly recommend DO NOT install on Ideapad S9e/S10e SSD system
- 512MB space NTFS partition of build-in Hard Driver
- Require at least 512MB memory to run VeriFace

Supported systems:
- IdeaPad S9e, S10e
- Lenovo G530

Supported Operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows XP Home
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Lenovo VeriFace default language will be set to the same as Operation system’s language.
Note: Please DO NOT install the Lenovo VeriFace on SSD system.

Easy Plan Pro v1.1.25.1 Easy Plan Pro v1.1.25.1 Easy Plan Pro v1.1.25.1


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